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From 2021 album Love Reflecting Light. Kalibra Muse, lead vocals.

My Endless Love

Erin Cline

A simple song, co-written by my daughter Madelyn and wife Caitlin and performed by our dear friend Erin Cline.  Meant to be shared around the table, in the car or wherever your journeys take you!

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In March, we traveled back to Newport, Oregon- the place where I spent several years of my childhood. We traveled to spend time with my mom, who was in hospice care at home. It was very hard to leave, but we are comforted in the promise that though we say goodbye it is not for long. For the love we share connects us no matter the distance or passage of time. Truly, it is meant for each and every one of us, for every yesterday, today, and always. We are meant to laugh, cry, stumble and heal together- we are meant to know Love, and Love is meant for forever. Thank you to our dear friend Erin Cline for performing and recording this song! And thank you for taking the time to linger a while with our family.

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