From the recording Spell of Winter

Set on a cold winter’s night, Spell of Winter weaves the story of a lone wanderer’s encounter with an enchanting cosmic presence, with a message from beyond the veil. A journey song, drawing inspiration from accounts of the Aurora Borealis shared by the Dene and Northern Tutchone peoples of Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

Copyright Ben Johnston-Urey, 2022. All Rights Reserved.


In the cradle of the winter
In a far and northern realm
Carry I the mem’ries of my homeland
As I journey ‘cross the snow and sand
Golden days are far behind
Now the spell of winter has begun- it has begun!

Here, the days are passing swiftly
Here, the night awakens awe
Here, the nival creatures slumber – they dwell within!
Lo, a green glow upon the spruce tops
Colored tendrils across the sky – winter’s spell is cast upon this night!

As we journey through the cosmos
Swells of color break across our bough
Some behold it as a gift light
Some the breath-electric of a star
Spell of winter so sublime
Dancing colors out of space time!
They call to me, they call my name!

“Carry we the memories of a forgotten tomorrow
across a sea of stars as our colors dance upon the snow.”

Though I stand alone this night on the wind is a whisper:

“Remember, you, before our silver cord is cut and the gold bowl is broken before the beasts return to the frozen lands that bore them.”

Said the starry spell of winter,

“Remember where you came from, and whose you are.”

Music and Lyrics ©2022, Ben Johnston-Urey. All Rights Reserved.