Orchestral & ensemble works

Full performance recordings and additional scores available via request: ben@johnston-urey.com

Advent Overture

First Lutheran Orchestra

Advent Overture powerfully sets 'Veni, Emmanuel' and 'Savior of the Nations, Come' in this fresh, yet familiar new arrangement written with intermediate players in mind. Earthly decrees swirl and the rage of nations are powerless to stop that marvelous moment when boundaries between Heaven and earth blur, when Divine and human blend!

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Flute                                        Baritone Sax
Oboe                                        Tuba 
Clarinet in Bb 1                    Timpani
Clarinet in Bb 2 & 3            Hand Drum/Perc.
Bassoon                                 Violin 1
Bass Clarinet                        Violin 2
Horn in F                                Viola
Trumpet in Bb 1 &  2          Cello

Psalm 121 (I Lift My Eyes Up)

Beloit-Janesville Symphony Orchestra & Festival Choir

Choral symphonic work commissioned for Music to Move Our World Arts Festival. Loss often arrives in our lives like a shipwreck in a storm; tumultuous, chaotic, and all too sudden. Whether you've faced the loss of a home, loved one, or community, David's song of reassurance found Psalm 121 offers up a message for all who struggle: Lift your eyes up to the hills and know that God will carry you through.

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Piccolo                                     Violin 1
Flute                                          Violin 2
Oboe 1 & 2                               Viola
Clarinet in Bb                         Cello
Bass Clarinet                          Contrabass
Bassoon  1 & 2                        Timpani
4 Horns in F                             Percussion
Trumpet in Bb 1 & 2              Choir
Trombone 1 & 2        

We Believe

Beloit-Janesville Symphony Orchestra & Festival Choir

Choral symphonic work, commissioned for SCSW-ELCA Reformation 500 Commemoration. A sweeping love song to all creation, this ecumenical affirmation of faith expresses our shared belief in a God who loves without limit. Scored for full orchestra and choir.

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Flute 1 & 2                               Violin 1 
Oboe 1 & 2                               Violin 2 
Clarinet in Bb 1 & 2              Viola 
Bassoon 1 & 2                        Cello 
Horn in F 1 & 2                       Contrabass 
Bassoon  1 & 2                       Percussion 1 & 2 
Trumpet in Bb 1 & 2            Piano
Trombone 1 & 2                    Choir