Intergenerational   -   Accessible   -   Engaging

Engage your entire music ministry with a liturgy designed for groups of all shapes and sizes.  From solo piano/organ, to worship band or full orchestra, this flexible setting is a joy to sing, and designed for use by churches with a variety of musical resources.

Younger choirs will love leading worship alongside your adult choirs and worship ensembles!

open table, Open Door Festival hymn

Here the table- hear the Word: Love has vanquished your sin! Proclaim it so all know Love within, this church has room for more at the table of the Lord!”

Open table holy communion setting

Kyrie (Open Table)

piano/organ/guitar, cantor/congregation, chamber ensemble

This hauntingly beautiful Kyrie is the perfect opening to your next worship
service or small group.   Additional parts written for intermediate players: 

English Horn 
Clarinet in Bb 1 & 2