Return to the Lord your God
who is gracious and merciful,
slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love...

God of all mercy and consolation,
Your love is steadfast.
Your love is patient.

God of our near and far,
You meet us where we are-
each peak and valley of our lives.

Restore us by your Spirit's power.
Open our eyes to you, our source of life.
Come sanctify our hearts and minds.
May we walk your pathways,
to the glory of your name!

As in the Garden of our unknowing,
We found division in worldly wisdom.
Long have we wandered from the wisdom of your love.
Help us to find our way back home.

Forgive us, Lord, as we forgive-
Heeding the call to love as you have loved.
Let Mercy reign in every heart.
May the Way of Christ be the pattern of our lives.

Down through the ages, your love is changeless-
across the nations, each generation.

You are the cleansing rain.
You wash away our pain,
and by your grace we have been saved.