I Lift My Eyes Up (Psalm 121)
Music: Caitlin & Ben Johnston-Urey
Lyrics: adapt. Psalm 121 KJV

Loss often arrives in our lives like a shipwreck in a storm; tumultuous, chaotic, and all too sudden. Whether you've faced the loss of a home, loved one, or community, David's song of reassurance found Psalm 121 offers up a message for all who struggle: Lift your eyes up to the hills and know that God will carry you through.

I lift my eyes up to the hills; where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord God, the Holy One.
Maker of all the earth and heaven.
You will keep me from stumbling, You are always watching,
Never failing, ever near.

For the Lord is Our Protector, cool shade at our right hand;
The Defender of our days and of our nights.
Elohim and Abba Father, You protect us all from sin.
You're the Keeper and the Author of our lives.
You are always watching over ev'ry step we take.
Forevermore, evermore, evermore, evermore!
Forevermore, amen.

Vocals: Kellie Pearson
Piano: Ben Johnston-Urey
Drums: Rodrigo Villanueva
Guitar: Rob Tomaro:
Bass: Clay Schaub
Violin: Zach Peterson

Recorded live at First Lutheran Church in Janesville, Wisconsin. Mixed and mastered at Clutch Studios in Madison, Wisconsin.