1. Kyrie

From the recordings Love Reflecting Light and Kyrie

Music & Lyrics: Ben Johnston-Urey

In peace, in peace, let us pray to the Lord:
Lord, have mercy.
For Your Church gathered here, and for our salvation:
Lord, have mercy.
For the peace from above, for the unity of all,
Let us pray, let us pray to the Lord:

O Light of confessors, O Joy of all the angels,
O Jesus our refuge have mercy, mercy!
O Name above all other names!
O Lord, Most Holy Son of God!
Ruler over all the nations,
You, our Way and Life, have mercy!

Through trials teach humility,
that our hearts like Yours may greater be
Transformed and filled with grace and love,
Son of Dave, please have mercy!

By Your Most Holy Name, may our hearts be made anew:
Lord have mercy. Amen.

Vocals: Kellie Pearson
Backup Vocals: Isabel Muraki, Christopher Aaron Smith, Amanda Jones, Ben Johnston-Urey, Brian Liston
Piano: Ben Johnston-Urey
Drums: Rodrigo Villanueva
Guitar: Rob Tomaro
Bass: Clay Schaub
Accordion: Brian Liston

Recorded live at First Lutheran Church, Janesville Wisconsin. Mixed and mastered at Clutch Studios, Madison Wisconsin.