1. Gloria

From the recordings Love Reflecting Light and Gloria

Music & Lyrics: Ben Johnston-Urey

Glory be to God Almighty and peace to all the earth!
Mighty king of all creation and Lord of heav'n above.
Glory be to God the Father and Glory to the Son!
Seated at the throne of mercy, you are are the Holy One.

We worship you, O Lord, give you thanks, thanks and praise!
For You alone are Lord, Lord Most High, only Son of the Father.

Glory to the One who brought us from darkness to the Light!
Heaven sent, foretold by prophets to come prepare the Way.
By your wond'rous love and mercy, you free us from our sin;
On the cross you opened heaven for us to live again!

Let ev'ry soul bow down at the name of the Lord!
Let ev'ry tongue confess you are Lord, glory be to the Father!

Each day I will bless you (Each day I will bless you)
Through the end of ages (Through the end of ages)
I will praise Your name forever, I will praise Your name
Forever, I will will praise Your name forever, Yeshua!

And in our darkest hour, let Your Word live in us
That we may see Your face, King of Kings, Prince of Peace!
So let Your Spirit soar through the earth, through our hearts,
And lift to You our prayers as we sing and proclaim with the angels:

Glory be to God Almighty and peace to all the earth!

Vocals: Kalibria Muse
Backup Vocals: Kellie Pearson, Christopher Aaron Smith, Amanda Jones, Caitlin Johnston-Urey, Ben Johnston-Urey, Brian Liston
Piano: Ben Johnston-Urey
Drums: Rodrigo Villanueva
Guitar: Rob Tomaro
Bass: Clay Schaub
Trumpet: Jake Wiele
Flute: Amy Palmer
Violin: Zach Peterson

Recorded live at First Lutheran Church, Janesville Wisconsin. Mixed and mastered at Clutch Studios, Madison Wisconsin.